Publications 2017

Extended adjuvant intermittent letrozole versus continuous letrozole in postmenopausal women with breast cancer (SOLE): a multicentre, open-label, randomised, phase 3 trial

Marco Colleoni, Weixiu Luo, Per Karlsson, Jacquie Chirgwin, Stefan Aebi, Guy Jerusalem, Patrick Neven, Erika Hitre, Marie-Pascale Graas, Edda Simoncini, Claus Kamby, Alastair Thompson, Sibylle Loibl, Joaquín Gavilá, Katsumasa Kuroi, Christian Marth, Bettina Müller, Seamus O’Reilly, Vincenzo Di Lauro, Andrea Gombos, Thomas Ruhstaller, Harold Burstein, Karin Ribi, Jürg Bernhard, Giuseppe Viale, Rudolf Maibach, Manuela Rabaglio-Poretti, Richard D Gelber, Alan S Coates, Angelo Di Leo, Meredith M Regan*, Aron Goldhirsch*, on behalf of the SOLE Investigators

Lancet Oncol 2017 published online November 2017.

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Intensified preoperative chemoradiation by adding oxaliplatin in locally advanced, primary operable (cT3NxM0) rectal cancer

Impact on long-term outcome. Results of the phase II TAKO 05/ABCSG R-02 trial

P. Kogler · A. F. DeVries · W. Eisterer · J. Thaler · L. Sölkner · D. Öfner · on behalf of TAKO 05/ABCSG R-02 Trial Investigators

Strahlenther. Onkol. 2017 published online November 10.

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Long-term outcomes for neoadjuvant versus adjuvant chemotherapy in early breast cancer: meta-analysis of individual patient data from ten randomised trials

Groups (and key trialists) contributing data

Istituto Nazionale per lo Studio e la Cura dei Tumori, Milan, Italy (P Valagussa, L Gianni, G Bonadonna); European Organisation for Research on the Treatment of Cancer (J Bogaerts, J van der Hage, C J H van de Velde); Austrian Breast and Colorectal Cancer Study Group, Vienna, Austria (L Solkner, M Gnant, R Jakesz); Center for Cancer Research of the National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, MD, USA. (S Steinberg, D Danforth, J Zujewski); Royal Marsden Hospital, Sutton, London, UK (T Powles, S Ashley, H Ford, M Makris); St George’s Hospital, London, UK (J-C Gazet, C Coombes, R Sutcliffe); National Surgical Adjuvant Breast & Bowel Project, Pittsburgh, PA, USA (S Anderson, J Costantino, J Bryant, N Wolmark, E Mamounas, B Fisher); Fondation Bergonie—Comprehensive Cancer Centre of South West France, Bordeaux, France (L Mauriac, S Mathoulin); Cancer Control Agency of British Columbia, BC, Canada (J Ragaz, I Olivotto); Institut Curie, Paris, France (B Asselain, P Broet, S Scholl).

Lancet Oncol. 2017 published online December 11.

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Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy with Capecitabine, Oxaliplatin and Bevacizumab Followed by Concomitant Chemoradiation and Surgical Resection in Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer with High Risk of Recurrence – A Phase II Study

Wolfgang Eisterer, Gudrun Piringer, Alexander De Vries, Dietmar Öfner, Richard Greil, Jörg Tschmelitsch, Hellmut Samonigg, Lidija Sölkner, Michael Gnant and Josef Thaler On behalf of the Austrian Breast and Colorectal Cancer Study Group

Anticancer Res. 2017 May;37(5):2683-2691

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Pathological Complete Response to Neoadjuvant Trastuzumab Is Dependent on HER2/CEP17 Ratio in HER2-Amplified Early Breast Cancer

Singer CF, Tan YY, Fitzal F, Steger GG, Egle D, Reiner A, Rudas M, Moinfar F, Gruber C, Petru E, Bartsch R, Tendl KA, Fuchs D, Seifert M, Exner R, Balic M, Bago-Horvath Z, Filipits M, Gnant M
for the Austrian Breast and Colorectal Cancer Study Group

Clin Cancer Res. 2017 Jan 31

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