ABCSG 22R Details

Registry of pre-menopausal patients with hormone-sensitive breast cancer and existing therapy with Nolvadex® and Zoladex®

Contact ABCSG-Trial office

Phone: +43 1 408 92 30
Fax: +43 1 409 09 90


Registry for premenopausal patients for a planned clinical trial (design not defined yet)

Criteria for registry:

  1. Premenopausal patients
  2. Histologically verified breast cancer, diagnosis not longer than 2 years ago
  3. ER and/or PgR positive
  4. Tamoxifen/Goselerin treatment

Data assessment:

  1. Written informed consent of the patient according to data protection act (consent to registry, data collection 1 year retrospective)
  2. Demographic data of the patient
  3. Patient’s status (recurrence)
  4. Anamnesis and medicinal treatment
  5. Surgical anamnesis (surgery, histology, pN, grading, ER, PgR, HER2)
  6. Tumor-associated therapy (endocrine therapy, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, BMD)
  7. Follow-up for max. 2 years after registry