Liver Metastases: Open Trials

LM-02 trial

Combination therapy to improve chances of recovery

This trial is investigating whether the chances of recovery can be increased for patients with colorectal cancer plus potentially operable liver metastases. The trial tests the safety and effectiveness of a combination therapy with panitumumab and FOLFIRI for tumours with wild type KRAS. LM-02, an academic, perioperative, one-arm, multi-centre phase II trial, began in October 2012.

The patients shall be studied over a period lasting two years and nine months, with an active phase of nine months. Previous scientific studies have shown that chemotherapy before and after an operation may improve chances of recovery. The LM-02 trial will involve combining chemotherapy, pursuant to the FOLFIRI protocol, with the antibody panitumumab. The aim of this combination is to further increase the effect of chemotherapy.